2019-2020 Annual Report and Financial Statement

DOWNLOAD ANNUAL REPORT - BCGC 2019-20 Annual Report.pdf   BCGC - Financial Statements 2019-20.pdf

Welcome to the Belyuen Community Government Council 2019-2020 Annual Report. 

2019-2020 has seen the fruition of infrastructure grants at the Store and Aged Care, with solar panels on roofs, upgrades to buildings, new fridges/freezers, solar street lighting all fully operating. 

The new Outdoor Fuel Terminal is one of the greatest achievements for the community and we hope that it will bring lots of customers into the community especially during the daytime and they can also purchase items from the Store. Belyuen Store has very high quality take away food at very good prices. 

As a Council, we are proud of what our community achieves. Even though we do not have many people living here and we do not have much money the Council strives for change and a better, safer lifestyle for all our families that live here.