There are some people trying to SCAM people in this community over the phone. Their phone number comes up as NO CALLER ID and they speak with an overseas accent. So far it has been a female voice.

The SCAMMERS say they will give you a $300 voucher if you give them the name and phone number of another person in the community. This is so they can SCAM that person.

When you give out your details these people can then HACK into your bank accounts and any other personal ID you have. They try and blackmail you and get you to pay them money and they will give you a free phone or iPad – things like that.

This is all a SCAM.

Do not give your details to anyone unless you know 100% for sure that they are legal. If you have been SCAMMED by these people or anyone else recently and would like help to report it, please come and see Cathy Winsley at the office. Please be careful and do not give out information to people on your phones and do not give names and phone numbers of other people in the community.